Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

Sports marketers should avoid getting dunked on because they don’t have a handle on live streaming via social media platforms. Social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter have entered the live-streaming game in sports broadcasting, and this trend isn’t even close to heading into overtime. Read More


Snapchat selfies turn teens’ heads into tacos, seamlessly creating 224 million ad views for Taco Bell. Häagen-Dazs flies honeybees in an immersive, 360-degree virtual reality experience, combining storytelling, environmental education and technology in a headset-based marketing campaign. Low-budget YouTube and Vimeo web series like Broad City, Drunk History and Insecure get picked up by networks and turned into hit television shows, empowering audiences to choose their own programming and shape the entertainment landscape. Read More


After years of bubbling just under the surface of mainstream awareness, the era of virtual reality is upon us, and poised to be the next big thing in advertising. Tech leaders such as Facebook and Google have been charging full tilt into the field. Even binge-worthy episodic VR content is on the horizon with Singapore-based Warrior9’s production of the world’s first animated sci-fi VR series, The PhoenIX. Some analysts believe VR will become a $150 billion field by 2020, and the nation’s leading content creators in advertising have been diving into the new space. Read More


As we move toward 2020, television services will likely pivot even more, but not necessarily in expected ways. Yes, we live in the era of the cord-cutter, but that’s not the end of the story. Millions of people still receive television over the air for free, and the technology will soon be updated to be 4K ready and accessible to mobile devices. Updates in cable internet speeds will also open up new pathways to content we’ve only dreamed about. Read More


After proving to the world that it was a genuine media force, the exploding field of esports is expected to conquer fertile new ground in 2017 with lucrative new partnerships with both traditional broadcasters and online streaming services. The sporting world will also likely see the line between real-world sports and esports begin to blur into a stunning new kaleidoscope that redefines the concept of fandom. Read More


When it comes to net neutrality, few people, it seems, are actually neutral.

On the one hand, many federal officials, consumer advocates and corporations want to preserve net neutrality rules established by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015. On the other hand, skeptics would like to see the softening of certain aspects of these rules. Read More



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