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Dr. Ann L. Wead Kimbrough

Dr. Ann L. Wead Kimbrough

Dr. Ann L. Wead Kimbrough has been Dean of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, Florida A&M University, since August 2012. The veteran, award-winning financial journalist is also a tenured, full professor. Dean Kimbrough is fortunate to serve some 600 undergraduate students, faculty and staff in the SJGC. She also has a distinguished, 27-year career in higher education and has served in leadership positions in government and special events management that includes the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Dr. Kimbrough oversees a faculty and staff of professionals who manage world-class teaching operations that include WANM-FM 90.5 radio station; FAMU TV20 that reaches 80,000 Comcast subscribers; Famuan online newspaper; Journey magazine; and programming for Sirius XM Radio Channel for HBCUs.

Dr. Kimbrough has been an advisor to a student newspaper, faculty sponsor, grants writer, fundraiser, and faculty liaison to a university’s president’s office, internship coordinator, limited time manager of university relations, and a tutor. As a faculty member, Dr. Kimbrough has led courses in basic journalism, financial journalism, public relations, strategic communications, international business and cross-cultural communications.

School of Journalism and Graphic Communications, Florida A&M University

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