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Connecting startups with established companies.

The SPROCKIT Hub features the most promising, market-ready media and entertainment entities from around the world – the Best of the Best. These “By Invitation Only” startups have proven products, customers, services and are ready to scale. See the innovations set to reshape the industry.

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Sprockit Hub

An Innovation Pipeline Destination

A 2018 Attraction/Pavilion

North Hall

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2018 SPROCKIT Exhibitors

Consumer Experience, AI, Machine Learning

Uses AI to connect readers & media to drive audience/revenue for pubs while reducing depedency on Facebook. 

Big Data/Analytics, AI, Machine Learning & Consumer Experience 

As a pioneer in automatic speech recognition and AI, AppTek makes dark data more discoverable, usable and valuable.

Big Data/Analytics, Content Delivery (OTT, Mobile, other)

Helps enhance your apps to create personalized user experiences, improve conversion and retention.

Barometric goes beyond "cross device" by unifying devices, conversion environments and disparate measurement indicators to truly analyze the effectiveness of your media.

Big Data/Analytics, Advertising

An AI driven technology company that is making TV advertising smarter.

Big Data/Analytics, Advertising

An attribution platform that helps marketers close the loop by tying business outcomes to advertising impressions.

Big Data/Analytics, AI Machine Learning & Consumer Experience

Analyzes social media data to identify community-specific influencers, content and conversations.

Big Data/Analytics, Advertising

A Machine learning interface that helps improve click-through rates, engagement and conversion.

Big Data/Analytics, Advertising

An attribution platform that helps marketers close the loop by tying business outcomes to advertising impressions.


Allows broadcasters to serve intelligent commerce and engagement opportunities to viewers in real time so the audience can watch, click and buy while never leaving their screen.

Content Delivery (OTT, Mobile, other), Augmented Reality

The AR network that allows you to discover, share and experience augmented reality all in one social platform.

Cloud Computing, Advertising

Skreens uses a cloud platform to deliver personalized content and videos to realize new revenue and retention possibilities.

Content Delivery (OTT, Mobile, other), Data Monetization

Powers social distribution and revenue solutions purpose-built for publishers and media companies.

SpherePlay’s solution is a suite of VR media players that enables broadcasters, publishers and commercial content distributors to integrate virtual reality experiences to their existing media distribution workflow via their own apps and websites.

Virtual Assistants

SpokenLayer is a leader in voice content on Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, and soon, Apple’s Siri.

Software Application, Data and Analytics

Stainless Code is a software development company specializing in technology for the media and entertainment industries.


**Mobile helps brands boost mobile engagement through strategic use of an omni-channel platform.

Programmatic/Addressable Advertising & Data Monetization

A media convergence pioneer with solutions that interweave television, digital displays, mobile and internet platforms.

IP, Video

Allows rights holders (e.g. sports federations, broadcasters, leagues, event organizer, media houses) to easily create unique stories from live content and share them to increase the reach and engage fans on social media in real time.

OTT, Video

Helps live video streaming providers increase the quality of their streams and optimize their delivery costs using software-only, decentralized video delivery technology.

AI, Machine Learning and Consumer Experience

An automated service combining a text editor and audio and video player that quickly generates accurate transcripts.

Programmatic/Addressable Advertising and Data Monetization

The market's first integrated TV operating system for advertising.


Creates mobile and TV continuity to solve the distribution, marketing and advertising challenges of over the top video.

Consumer Experience & Content Creation/Production

An AI-powered video creation platform that enables publishers to produce videos quickly, easily and at scale.

Data Analytics

Wicket Labs combines industry expertise with cloud computing and machine learning to level the digital playing field.

2018 SPROCKIT Alumni Participants

DivvyCloud software enables organizations to achieve their cloud computing goals by simplifying and automating compliance and optimization of public and private cloud infrastructure.

Ex Machina develops interactive solutions for TV and live video. Our end-to-end solutions have served billions of interactions for many high profile events without platform failure, at a scale that is unsurpassed in the industry.

ICX Media uses big data to drive big video performance.

TradeCast.TV is the only end-to-end solution on the market that lets you easily manage, distribute and monetize your own personalized interactive TV channel and video platform.

Valossa produces comprehensive video understanding API that produces rich metadata automatically.

Wildmoka is a leading Digital Content Creation Platform provider. Wildmoka’s easy to use video solutions can be quickly implemented, enabling immediate short form video creation and publishing.


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