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The SPROCKIT Hub features the most promising, market-proven media and entertainment entities from around the world – the Best of the Best. These curated and highly vetted startups have proven products, customers and services. They are ready to scale and immediately impact a Fortune 500 companies' bottom line.

Since launching in 2013, SPROCKIT-selected startups have raised nearly $1 billion USD and participated in countless partnerships, deals and acquisitions.

See the innovations set to reshape the industry. 


An Innovation Pipeline Destination

The Innovation Pipeline

Programs and Destinations Fueling Media & Entertainment
This dedicated area in North Hall is home to three destinations and a theater spotlighting future-focused technologies and solutions – from concept to prototype. Attendees will discover never-before-seen products, realize new services and develop strategic partnerships.

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2019 SPROCKIT Alumni Participants

Wildmoka is a leading Digital Content Creation Platform provider. Wildmoka’s easy to use video solutions can be quickly implemented, enabling immediate short form video creation and publishing.


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