April 7 - 12, 2018 | Exhibits April 9 - 12 Las Vegas Convention Center

IP Showcase

IP Showcase

This year has already been heralded as a big year for IP as the industry closes in on a unifying standard for uncompressed video and audio over IP and with a number of major North American and European broadcast companies indicating that they will commence real-time IP production infrastructure projects this year. In order to help everyone across the industry fully realize the benefits of IP, eight of the most esteemed broadcast, technology and trade organizations have united at NAB Show to create the IP Showcase. This unique attraction located in the North Hall of the LVCC, booth N4824 provides a unified industry-wide view to ensure the latest advances in Internet Protocol technology add maximum value to the broadcast industry and the individuals and companies who drive it. With no direct sales agenda on the booth, the IP Showcase is dedicated to educating and energizing all NAB Show visitors to help build a better, more flexible, more efficient and more creative broadcasting industry to delight audiences and create value. 

Demonstration of Technology and Deployment

Underpinned by the efforts of skilled engineers across the industry who are tirelessly innovating and implementing the technology, the IP Showcase demonstrates not only engineering progress but also brings to life real-world applications from leading networks and program-makers to inspire, engage and educate everyone from network CEOs to R&D experts. From major players to niche discoveries, numerous examples of IP in action are gathered and curated for you to explore, with staff on hand to answer questions you may have.



Distinct from many other attractions at NAB Show, the IP Showcase has nothing to sell you. In a rare and historic act of unity – to avoid costly and time-consuming “format wars” and promote common sense interoperability – the industry has unified around a shared goal. As such, the IP Showcase presents a collective and expert view of the most essential and exciting developments and applications of IP. As part of this collective commitment to support the industry, the IP Showcase offers a full schedule of totally free seminars and panel discussions in the IP Showcase Theater. From advanced technical knowledge sharing to stimulating creative-focused case studies, to commercial and strategic keynotes, these accessible and expert sessions will add value to all visitors across every specialty and degree of corporate responsibility.

The IP Showcase at NAB Show is the next exciting stop on the unified roadmap presented last year with further features to enable a well-equipped and prosperous industry thanks to IP.

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