Bolt High Speed Cinebot

This camera robotics display, located in Central Lobby, represents the technology utilized in broadcast studios and at live events around the world.

Take on the dancing Bolt Robot in the main Lobby that proved to be a main attraction in 2018. This totally unique experience attracts large crowds and will capture more than 1,500 videos of people dancing and interacting with the high-speed arm and sharing their videos.

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Bolt High-Speed Cinebot

Camera robots essentially empower the camera operator with the technology to get the camera where it needs to be. Traditionally, this was for image capture but today, camera robots and automation play much wider and important roles in broadcast studios and at live events.

Bolt Robot CameraToday, camera robotics are smarter, faster, connected and networked with the facility locally and remotely to capture images, data, movement, track objects and trigger automated actions.

As broadcasting develops 'smart stadiums', so robotic cameras play key roles in everything from image and data capture of play, players and team coaches, to news reporting, sports photography, audience surveillance and fan engagement.

Bolt Robot CameraNone of this would be possible without the added benefits of cost efficiency and streamlining of operation that robotics, technology and automation brings to broadcast and indeed all industries in general.

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