Track A: How Broadcasters Are Migrating To IP Based Delivery Workflow


The technology to deliver high quality, reliable, broadcast feeds over IP has reached a point where it is a viable alternative to satellite distribution. Delivering content over the internet is secure and offers bandwidth capable of handling high bit rate formats such as 4K and HEVC encoded linear streams. However, IP broadcast still presents some challenges. Replacing satellite infrastructure can be difficult for both the broadcaster, who needs to solve for the distribution of the broadcast feed, and the distribution partner, who must reinvent operations and content management to manage a new solution. This panel will explore how both are coming together to solve for this shift in video delivery, the opportunities it presents, and the challenges they are facing.


  • Bart Spriester, VP & General Manager, Video Platform, Comcast Technology Solutions


  • Corey Smith, Director, Live Operations, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Kelly Miller, Vice President of Affiliate Support, FOX
  • Stuart Baillie, SVP Media Engineering and Global Distribution, Viacom
  • Steve Riedl, Senior Director, Digital TV, Turner Broadcasting



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