Exhibitor Success and ROI Center

Exhibitor Success and ROI Center

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Times are changing fast. Exhibiting costs are rising. Attendee behaviors are shifting. Executive management is pressing you for tradeshow cost justification and ROI. And, if you’re like most, you haven’t received a single hour of formal exhibiting education, and don’t have a lot of time to seek it out. 

The NAB Show Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is you and your entire staff’s free, on-demand, 24/7 exhibiting knowledge resource to give you answers to your most pressing exhibiting challenges, expand your exhibiting know-how, and improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI.  Show Management is offering the following easy steps to find the information, answers, and solutions you need to keep up and stay ahead:

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Secrets of “World Class” Booth Staffers: What every booth staffer needs to know to be effective- March 2, 2017

No matter how big and pretty your booth is, or how great your products or services are, the single most important factor influencing your exhibit program success is your booth staff. Industry research finds that 86% of booth staffers have never received a single hour of skills training in how to be effective in the challenging tradeshow environment. This causes staffers to make behavioral and communication errors that limit booth traffic, cost you qualified leads, and ultimately block your ability to generate tradeshow ROI.

How to Make Your NAB Show Exhibit Stand Out from the Crowd - January 2017

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