Onsite Inventory

The following barter inventory elements are available to garner exposure onsite during NAB Show® in Las Vegas.

Publication Distribution

Distribution of printed publications onsite is a great way to build readership and reinforce your value to advertisers. NAB Show only offers onsite distribution of regularly printed publications in exchange for pre-show print advertising inserted in the publication to be distributed. Print ads must run prior to March 15. Onsite distribution is a benefit reserved for Media Brands participating in the Media Partner Program. This opportunity is not sold as a sponsorship.

For the Partner's benefit, this is a turnkey opportunity... we recognize the increasing costs to print and ship additional copies for onsite distribution, and that is why we work to make it as easy and valuable as possible. All Partners need to do is ship materials as instructed and we do the rest to ensure that your publications are available throughout the Show.

It is recommended you send a minimum of 1,500 issues to ensure adequate inventory to stock your publication bin throughout the duration of the Show. Once your inventory is gone, the bin will be removed. All Media Partners are required to complete the online form and accept distribution policies in order to receive shipping labels. All shipments to NAB Show must use official labels.

Click on the images of the barter items below to enlarge them.

Standard Publication Bin

Standard Publication Bins

Publications are distributed in the Grand Lobby of the Central Hall.

  • Publications are presented in alphabetical order and are placed on both sides of the fire wall dividing the main entrance to the LVCC.
  • Only one standard publication bin will be bartered per Media Brand.

Barter Value: $5,575



Publication Bin Column Wrap

Upgraded Publication Bin

Publication structures wrapping various columns in the LVCC lobby areas, these structures offer maximum branding opportunity with custom artwork on all sides of the wrap.

Barter Value: $10,000



Onsite Cover Wall

Don't want to send printed publications for distribution – or don't have a printed pub to give out? No worries! Get great exposure via an Onsite Cover Wall– instead of taking a printed copy of your publication with them, Attendees scan your unique QR code presented on signage with a large cover image. This is a great vehicle to make a special onsite subscription offer or offer a fun promotion.

  • Cover artwork/image is presented at 11" x 17" with 3" x 3" QR code in the left or right bottom corner of your publication cover.
  • Media Partner provides artwork and QR code only, NAB Show does the rest!
  • Artwork must be formatted as a publication 'cover' – but your property does not have to be a printed publication to barter for this element.
  • Two Onsite Cover Walls will be located in the Central Hall Grand Lobby and South Hall Upper lobby area. Both walls will present all titles. 
  • Publications are presented in alphabetical order.
  • Lead generator kiosks will be placed next to each wall offering Attendees the opportunity to request more information from all titles presented. Leads will be provided to participating Media Partners post-show. 

Barter Value: $5,575


Bartered Exhibit Space

Exhibiting at NAB Show is one of the best ways to get exposure for your media brand and offer subscription opportunities to interface with other Exhibitors. All bartered exhibit space comes with a complimentary furniture credit that covers the expense of carpet and furnishings and includes 300 lbs. of drayage. You will also receive all benefits of being a paid Exhibitor including an online Exhibitor Directory Listing.

Brand Advertising Units

Large advertising structures designed to feature your brand through highly trafficked corridors and through-fares at the Show.  

Two-Sided Tower

Barter Value: $10,000

Digital Signage

Digital Advertising

You can select up to 3 location, North, Center or South Hall lobby areas.

  • :10 spots barter value is $1800 per location
  • :15 spots barter value is $2400 per location
  • Artwork for ether can be static or animated.
  • Each sign is capped at 25 advertisers.  We estimate the rotation to be every 4-6 minutes depending on how many we actually barter and the kind of spots selected. The signs will only present media partner messaging in rotation.


Conference Flex Pass

Media Partners can barter for Conference Flex Passes that can be used to invite VIP advertisers and subscribers to attend NAB Show and receive free access to the Exhibits and most of the Sessions. Conference passes are a great "value-add" option that can be used as a reward in conjunction with subscription or advertising sales efforts.

Note: Complimentary Passes are not to be used for publication staff. Members of Media Partner organizations wishing to register to attend NAB Show must utilize appropriate (and free) News Media registration options. 

Barter Value: $855

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