Connected Car/Audio on Demand/Advertising and Big Data

US broadcasters know full well that the majority of radio listening takes place in the car. As connected cars become more pervasive, the options for listeners are increasing and include “internet radio” channels as well as on-demand audio, like podcasts, all being monitored through connectivity. On the business side, connected car listening promises to be significantly more attributable and offers broadcasters, automakers and others with valuable data opportunities.

Voice Advertising. Everything You Need to Know.

At a time when brands and advertisers are struggling to connect with audience conversational computing has the potential to open a totally new market opportunity whereby listeners are empowered to engage and respond with the brands and products they are actually interested in and not have to hear non-relevant information.

It creates a massive opportunity for audio and radio companies to engage new categories of advertisers, increase ad rates and the fill-rat.


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