April 7 - 12, 2018 | Exhibits April 9 - 12 Las Vegas Convention Center

Meeting Room Information

Meeting Room Information

The following items are included in your meeting room rental at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). All other services should be ordered through Freeman.

          *Note: All the complimentary tables are undraped.

  • Furniture:
    • Complimentary furnishings include:
      • 8 undraped classroom tables (classroom, conference, hollow square set-ups)
      • 72" undraped banquet rounds
      • Standard stackable chairs
      • 4'x8' riser; skirting available only upon request
      • Podium
    • Furnishings at additional cost:
      • Skirted classroom tables- Freeman.
      • Linens for banquet rounds- Aramark
  • Microphones: LVCC will provide all wired microphones including lavaliere, table mics, aisle mics and podium mics to the extent of our inventory.
    • AV Equipment at additional cost:
      • Additional wired microphones or wireless microphones - Bolaji Barber, Freeman AV at bolaji.barber@freemanco.com.
      • 5 or more sound plug-ins (mics, sound patches for computer, VCR, etc.) require a sound technician and must be ordered through Freeman AV.
      • All other audio-visual equipment - may be ordered through Freeman AV.
  • Electrical: 20 amp wall outlets are available complimentary. Additional electrical requirements - contact Freeman.
  • Signage: Contact Freeman directly to order any signs or banners for the meeting room. Please note that you may not tape or adhere anything directly to the meeting room walls.
  • Cleaning: Daily cleaning will be provided complimentary only if solely using standard set (complimentary furnishings from the LVCC). If any furnishings are ordered through Freeman, cleaning must be ordered through Freeman.
  • Access:
    • Weekly rental: Two keys per meeting room will be provided and can be picked up at the Exhibits Management Office, C102 beginning Tuesday, April 12th.
    • Daily rental: Keys will not be issued. Room will be accessible at 8 a.m. on rental day.

Questions? Contact NAB Show Exhibit Services at exhibitservices@nab.org or (202) 595-2051