Work Rules and Labor Union Regulations

Work Rules and Labor Union Regulations

The 2019 Work Rules and Labor Union Regulations will be available soon. Review the 2018 rules and regulations below.

There are many tasks that an Exhibitor may perform, and there are other tasks that are the sole responsibility of the Official Service Contractor for safety and liability reasons as well as to comply with local union jurisdictions. The following guide is designed to help you understand what an Exhibitor may do and what you will need the Official Service Contractor to do.  

2018 Work Rules and Labor Union Regulations Guide

All work that may be performed by the “Exhibitor” (noted in the document above) must be performed by full-time company employees of the exhibiting company, who can present positive identification such as a medical card or payroll stub. There is some work than an Exhibitor may do that and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) may not do.


Here are a few general guidelines you should follow:

  • Please do not tip workers. Accepting tips is against company policy and puts the worker at risk of disciplinary action.
  • There is a mid-morning and mid-afternoon 15-minute paid break; therefore, Exhibitors do not need to offer workers other breaks.
  • If there is a question on site about what the Official Service Contractor versus an Exhibitor may do, please contact your NAB Floor Manager or a Freeman Management Representative.


New for 2018 - Rigging Requirements

Per new OSHA regulations, chain hoist is required for anything over 200 lbs., which differs from the limit of 250 lbs. last year. The new weight requirement will impact cost for signs that now require a chain hoist that didn’t previously. Please contact Freeman, if you have additional questions.


Union and Non-union Labor Disputes

It is the responsibility of Freeman, the Official Service Contractor, to resolve all jurisdictional disputes. Union contracts contain dispute resolution procedures and all involved parties must follow them. Work now, grieve later.

Threats to or illegal confrontations with Exhibitors or Show Management will not be tolerated. Individuals involved in threats or illegal confrontations with Exhibitors, Show Management, other workers, or LVCVA personnel may be issued a Trespass Notice and escorted from the Las Vegas Convention Center. If any information is received, or incidents observed, notify the LVCVA Customer Safety Department at (702) 892-7400.

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