April 7 - 12, 2018 | Exhibits April 9 - 12 Las Vegas Convention Center

Exhibitor Advisory Committee

Exhibitor Advisory Committee

The NAB Show Exhibitor Advisory Committee is comprised of fellow Exhibitors who are dedicated to representing and assisting with efforts to maximize your exhibiting experience at NAB Show®. Additionally, the committee is focused on developing opportunities to enhance the Attendee experience to drive traffic and attract new Attendees to your booth! And they want your help!

All Exhibitors are encouraged to contact your representative with new ideas to create more "wow" moments for our Attendees to keep them coming back. Take this opportunity to get involved with the continued success of future NAB Shows.



100 - 399 sq. ft.

400 - 2999 sq. ft.



Bob McAlpine, Cobalt Digital
John Lawrence, SintecMedia


Debbie Hamby, Pliant Technologies, LLC

Charles Wagor III, Markertek (Vice Chair)
Kimberly Hutchinson, Zacuto

South Lower

Robbi Kay Ott, Corning

Steve Paulsen, NewTek, Inc.
Alan Atkinson, FileCatalyst

South Upper

Cesco Van Gool, Stirlitz Media

Christy Ricketts, Contemporary Research
Deepak Das, VisualOn Inc.

3000+ SF

Nigel Spratling, Ross Video, Vacant


Jimene Conn, General Dynamics SATCOM Division


Jose Maria Noriega, Fluotec


Steve Paulsen, NewTek, Inc.

Vice Chair

Charles Wagor III, Markertek


Alan Atkinson
1725 St. Laurent Blvd. Suite 205
Ottawa, ON K1G 3V4, Canada
Phone: 613-667-2439 xt. 116
Email Alan
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Position: South Lower 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2018

Jimene ConnJimene Conn
General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies
4830 River Green Pkwy Ste 100
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 770-689-2052
Email Jimene
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Position: Outdoor
Term Ending: 2019

Deepak Das
VisualOn, Inc.
2590 North 1st Street, Ste. 100
San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: 408-645-7043
Email Deepak
Position: South Upper 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2020

Cesco van Gool
Stirlitz Media
Belgijska 11/11
02511 Warsaw
Phone: 48-223897642
Email Cesco
Position: South Upper 100 - 399 SF
Term Ending: 2020

Debbie Hamby
Pliant Technologies, LLC
205 Technology Parkway
Auburn, AL 36830
Phone: 334-524-8088
Email Debbie
Position: Central 100 - 399 SF
Term Ending: 2020

Kimberly Hutchinson
401 W Ontario St Ste 240
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312-863-3456 xt. 210
Email Kimberly
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Position: Central 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2019

John Lawrence
1000 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-454-4400 xt. 226
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Position: North 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2018

Bob McAlpineBob McAlpine
Cobalt Digital
2506 Galen Drive
Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 217-531-0165
Email Bob
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Position: North 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2019

Jose Maria Noriega
Av. Central No. 11 Fracc. Ind. Alce
Blanco, Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico
C.P. 53370
Phone: 521-55-3044-7495
Email Jose
Position: International
Term Ending: 2020

Robbi Kay Ott
800 17 St NW
Hickory, NC 28601
Phone: 828-901-5910
Email Robbi
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Position: South Lower 100 - 399 SF
Term Ending: 2018

Steve Paulsen (Chair)
NewTek, Inc.
5131 Beckwith Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: 210-370-8000
Email Steve
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Position: South Lower 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2020

Christy RickettsChristy Ricketts
Contemporary Research
4355 Excel Pkwy, Suite 600
Addison, TX 75001
Phone: 972-931-2728
Email Christy
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Position: South Upper 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2018

Nigel SpratlingNigel Spratling
Ross Video
8 John Street
Iroquios, ON K0E 1K0, Canada
Phone: 613-652-4886 xt. 4257
Email Nigel
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Position: 3000 SF and Greater
Term Ending: 2018

Charles Wagor IIICharles Wagor III
1 Tower Dr
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: 800-522-2025
Email Charles
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Position: Central Hall 400 - 2999 SF
Term Ending: 2019