Centerplate is Revolutionizing the Convention Center Dining Experience

Centerplate is Revolutionizing the Convention Center Dining Experience


Plan for your Staff and client meals to happen onsite this year! Centerplate recently finished a much-needed remodel of the dining outlets at the Convention Center. You can look forward to a diverse, quality, healthy and speedy dining experience at NAB Show this April.

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Luckys and Aces Restaurants showcase leading culinary innovation, design, décor and operational creativity not yet experienced at any other center in North America. The remodel project highlights a collaboration with local leading culinary restaurateurs, such as Blau Associates, Lindo Michoacán and Bachi Burger. In addition, other iconic offerings include Atomic Pizza, Walla Pao Asian Kitchen, Chomp, Chomp Go, Five Spot Coffee, Honey Salt and Prima Stamp.

The menus reflect an impressive passion for diverse and fresh offerings prepared in window displays which allows for greater speed of service to get exhibitors and attendees back to the Show Floor once they have enjoyed a great meal. Some of the most talked about selections include hand rolled sushi prepared daily, authentic tacos Vegas style, the Miyugi burger, Italian pressed panini’s, grain power salads and the Biloxi buttermilk fried free range organic chicken sandwich.

The inviting spaces encourage guests to sit down and enjoy their delicious meals at a mix of communal and standup tables. Another nice touch is the addition of charging stations throughout the seating areas for enhanced multi-tasking during the lunch hour.

Setting out to prove this could just be the evolution of a convention goer’s dream come true, with high-quality cuisine, cutting-edge technology and first-rate service, offered every day at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

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