April 7 - 12, 2018 | Exhibits April 9 - 12 Las Vegas Convention Center

Attractions and Pavilions

Attractions and Pavilions

Looking for what's hot and what's next? Don't miss these special attractions and technology-focused areas on the Show Floor.

This is the intersection of content, marketing and technology. Discover new tech and media, reach more audiences, explore A.I. and automation, and unveil new monetization strategies in this ever-evolving landscape. 

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This is the solutions destination for the ultimate multiscreen viewing experience. Exhibits and a full seminar program will catapult workflow and enrich your audience experience.

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Don't miss Futures Park, a showcase of advanced projects, presented by NAB, powered by PILOT. It features demonstrations of high-tech media developments in progress, prototypes, and products not yet available for sale, from academic, government, and commercial research laboratories in the United States and around the world.

The IP Showcase will offer you a holistic view of industry alignment, action and transformation thanks to internet protocol technology. With leadership from AES, AIMS, AMWA, EBU, IABM, MNA, SMPTE and VSF, the industry has developed this pavilion to help everyone from broadcast/IT engineers to CEOs to TV producers determine how they can best reap the benefits of IP. This attraction features a full schedule of must-see IP education sessions within its IP Showcase Theatre along with demonstrations of new applications and the latest interoperability developments.

See the connected lifestyle in action and explore how it operates and functions, from connected homes to autonomous vehicles. Collaborate with those leading the connected life to figure out how to integrate your brand or company.

This immersive learning and networking area covers everything from shoot to post and features 30-minute sessions presented by certified instructors, creative sessions by notable editors and much more.

SPROCKIT® features the most promising market-ready media and entertainment entities from around the world – the Best of the Best. Our “By Invitation Only” startups have proven products, customers, services and are ready to scale. The industry’s leading media and entertainment companies trust SPROCKIT® to help them find the right start-ups to bring the right products, services and revenue models to the market at the right time. Learn More

This new company launch pad is the only place to get the first look at product and service offerings that have recently hit the market. 

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This immersive destination explores the ways to create, distribute, consume, monetize and industrialize next-reality content. Collaborate with the leading creatives and techies changing the way we consume information.

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