Post|Production World

Advanced Training for Production and Post Professionals

Post|Production World (P|PW) is the world's leading training event for content creators and designers including TV, film and video editors, producers, directors, graphic artists, motion graphics designers and new media specialists. Master the digital tools you use the most! Go in-depth with an industry expert during the field workshops and hands-on training, or attend the breakout sessions to get the latest in motion graphics, production, editing, VR, streaming and much more.

The six-day conference features a variety of training offerings that can help industry professionals enhance their narrative and technical skills:  

  • 250+ breakout Sessions in categorized tracks
  • 7 field workshops*
  • 4 hands-on training & certification offerings*

*Separate registration required

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Additional offerings from FMC:

Looking for in-depth and hands-on experiences? Join us on-location (in and around Las Vegas) for a series of field workshops focused on virtual reality, UAV, stock video monetization, cinematic lighting, and live streaming. Alternatively, attend one of our hands-on training offerings focused on color correction and grading, UAV certification, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve. Register for two FMC offerings and receive 20% off!

Field Workshops Hands-On Training

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Post|Production World

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Post|Production World Pass
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Post|Production World Session 3-Pack
Yes 3 P|PW Sessions
Yes Show Floor Access
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* A P|PW Session is defined as continuous education of up to 3 hours that are separated by defined breaks before and after the session. Full-day sessions require the Post|Production World Pass.

Registration Packages

Additional offerings from FMC include 7 field workshops and 4 hands-on training & certification offerings. Register for two FMC offerings and receive 20% off!

Featured Speakers

Amy DeLouise

DeLouise Enterprises, LLC

Christine Steele

Steele Pictures Studios, Inc.

Eran Stern

Motion Graphics Artist

Richard Harrington

CEO & Founder
RHED Pixel

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The main conference program includes 250+ breakout sessions, organized around several tracks. Whether you are interested in directing, filming, editing, motion graphics, or emerging fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality, social media, and live streaming, we got it covered.

Explore the program below to get an overview of what is offered each day:

Explore the global innovation destination that powers what the industry creates and how the world consumes.

April 6 - 11, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada





Other Education Opportunities

Hands-On Training

North Hall Meeting Rooms, South Hall Meeting Rooms and Off-Site

For the intermediate to advanced attendee, access Hands-On Training sessions to learn and dive deeper into the essential applications and tools of the trade.

Each class is individually ticketed.

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Field Workshops


Explore off-site Field Workshops, with industry pros, covering some of the hottest trends and technologies advancing the industry. 

Each class is individually ticketed.

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NAB Small Medium Market Radio Forum

Westgate Hotel Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Exclusive updates from NAB’s government relations, legal and regulatory, and technology teams, alongside a special Town Hall and deep-dives into market-specific hot-topics.

Open to Radio Forum Pass holders.

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