April 7 - 12, 2018 | Exhibits April 9 - 12 Las Vegas Convention Center




VIdeo and The M.E.T. Effect℠

It’s everywhere, in every form.

Technology is expanding opportunities to integrate video content, which now comes in many different forms, formats and lengths. Professionals can even choose cameras able to capture 360 degree, virtual reality and aerial footage, broadening their traditional creative tools to engage viewers with a unique vision.   

The lengths of promotional videos are no longer dictated by 30, 60, or 90-second clips which were once the network advertising standard. Video of all lengths is available for integration to online, streaming and social media platforms, allowing artists to tell the story in the amount of time needed.

The capture and share aspect of video has always been important in education and information industries like eLearning and surveillance, but with the “connectivity of everything” we’re seeing more applications for video content within homes and in public spaces.

Join the Studios, Creatives, Videographers, Schools, Integrators, communications professionals and even Security Forces teams capturing, storing, editing and publishing public service announcements, “how to videos” and short content videos.

M.E.T. Effect Quote - Julian Mitchell

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