April 7 - 12, 2018 | Exhibits April 9 - 12 Las Vegas Convention Center




Television and The M.E.T. Effect℠

Outside of the box and inside the viewer experience.

Television entertainment has evolved to take the form of over the air broadcast and satellite, through the wires with cable, Internet and an ever growing number of streaming platforms. Television is no longer bound to the TV set  and the viewer experience has forever changed.

ATSC 3.0 is enabling unprecedented quality content to reach the consumer wherever they are, whenever they want, on whichever device they have. Programmatic technology is expanding options and delivering personalized content to keep consumers hooked. Second-screen engagement is at an all-time high as viewers are becoming more emotionally tied to their favorite programs.  Audiences  have evolved from passive watchers into active contributors in the content creation process.

Join the Multimedia Specialists, Network Executives, Streaming Media Executives, System Integrators and industry innovators dreaming up next generation digital media and entertainment.


M.E.T. Effect Quote - Stuart Thompson

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