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Content and Creative Process

Understand, adapt and succeed.

NAB Show gathers the developers, technologists and thought leaders innovating how content is produced – making them easily accessible to you. Find the valuable experience they offer in exhibit booths, on-floor sessions, gatherings and events, as dynamic workshop trainers and as forward thinking conference speakers.

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Expand Your Craft

Every trade and craft involved in the content creation process is represented at NAB Show, this is a forum to hone your expertise, acquire new skills and evolve.

Trending Technologies on the Show Floor

  • Virtual Production, Motion Capture and Pre-Visualization
  • Digital Intermediates and Color Correction
  • Editing
  • CG
  • Pre-Production
  • Volumetric Capture
  • DIT Carts and software

Navigate all of the relevant Exhibits

The companies showcased at NAB Show bring more than just their wares – hardware and software, to the show floor. This is an incredible gathering of technologists and developers accessible to you. Many companies also offer in-booths demos and training.

Acquisition and Production: Central Hall

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Post Production and Workflow: South Hall Lower Level

This category of exhibits expanded to upstairs!


AI + Cloud Campus

AI + Cloud Campus - Advancements in AI and cloud technologies continue to shape content and media in new and exciting ways from production workflows to improved delivery methods.

Presenting Sponsor: Google

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Cine Halls

New! Show and Sell

See Something, Buy Something...participating exhibitors are now selling direct from their booths on the show floor.


Featured Visionaries

William Goldenberg, A.C.E.
Post|Production World Keynote

Relevant Education Programs

  • Creative Master Series: Go behind the scenes with the creatives and crew responsible for today’s most innovative and popular feature films, TV series and OTT experiences. Hear how they applied the latest technologies to solve workflow challenges and understand how today’s content creators are reinventing storytelling for Twenty-First Century audiences.

  • Post|Production World: An advanced training opportunity for content creators and designers. The six-day conference features a variety of training offerings that can help industry professionals enhance their narrative and technical skills through 250+ breakout Sessions in categorized tracks.

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Build Your Business

Running a successful business requires understanding more than just your craft. Whether you are already a small to mid-size company looking to thrive and grow, a freelancer building a brand for yourself, or are considering taking that leap into business ownership, NAB Show is a place where you will can sharpen your savvy.

New! Birds of a Feather

Themed, hosted, non-commercial gatherings that bring together subject matter experts and community members to connect, collaborate and innovate about a hot topic of mutual interest. They are interactive and conversational but can also include talks and panels. They are free to host and free to attend.

Monday, April 8 and Tuesday, April 9
North Hall, Room N243
Open to all registered attendees.


Successful Business Owners Take on Leadership Roles in Industry Organizations

Getting involved in organizations relevant to your craft is a practice of those who thrive. Get exposure and make connections with others who are leading and like-minded individuals, have a voice on relevant in issues, share ideas and get to know seasoned experts, find valuable employees.  These member based partner organizations and more are represented at NAB Show.

Redefine Your Career

The disruption brought by the exploding direct-to-consumer services like Netflix and Amazon has not only impacted how content is distributed – but how it is produced. And, that is impacting how creators are being hired, the roles they play in the content development process and how they connect across town and around the world. Being proactive about your career is more important than ever.

Insights from Industry Thought-Leaders

How Content Creators Thrive in the Direct-to-Consumer Era

by Steve Audette

Last year there were several rounds of rumors about the possibility of Netflix users losing their easy access to high-profile sitcoms. In June, streamers despaired at the American version of The Office leaving Netflix. In December, they fretted over Friends. The rumors proved to be unfounded, but not impossible due to the rise of one of the biggest trends in the media marketplace... Read more

Visualize Your Future…Key Sessions Focused on New Opportunities

Open to all registered attendees.

Tomorrow's Advertising is Immersive

Advanced Advertising Theatre | South Hall (Upper)

Get your head around the current and future landscape for immersive marketing. Panel features the Head of Advertising at Unity, Head of Brand Partnerships at Snap, VR/AR Commercialization executive at Google, and the co-founder of OmniVirt, the leading 360°/VR/AR ad platform.

Future Focused Conference Sessions

AI and the Future of Video Editing and Motion Graphics

Session included in Post|Production World Conference

Are video editors and motion graphic designers jobs future proof? With AI technology automating more and more tasks, what will the future of these professions look like and will a line be drawn between creative and procedural tasks ? Nick Harauz will take a look at how AI is currently being used in popular video editing and motion graphics applications. He will also look at various studies and trends conducted in the field over the last few years and what we may come to see in the tools we've come to use and love. At the end of these session, attendees will get a sense for the automation AI provides for their craft currently as well as ideas on how this technology will shape our future.

An Introduction to HDR Filmmaking

Session included in Post|Production World Conference

What is HDR filmmaking? What tools do you need in production and in post? How has digital filmmaking changed how we create films? All these questions and more will be answered as you learn how more dynamic range can give you headaches or options depending on your knowledge base.

Make time to Connect and Network

Carving out time to developing a far-reaching network is increasingly importance to content creators as more and more professionals work from home and are based in remote locations, or, just don’t have time in their otherwise busy lives. In addition to the great contacts to be made by visiting booths, specific gatherings for content creators are baked into NAB Show experience.

  • Gals n Gear: #GALSNGEAR will host several pop-up events at NAB Show this year on Tuesday, April 9 and Wednesday. April 10. We'll kick off with an 8:30 a.m. Networking Coffee in the Central Lobby hosted by BlackMagic Design. From 9 - 10 a.m., #GALSNGEAR will host lively discussions and gear demos with female industry leaders on NAB Show LIVE! — women from across the spectrum of technical jobs in production and post. The show will be live streamed by Broadcast Beat Magazine and co-hosted by Adryenn Ashley, Founder of Crowded TV and Amy DeLouise, Independent Director/Producer. On Wednesday, we'll put the focus on new innovations in post, with our top talent panel. That evening, Dolby will sponsor our exclusive Women in Post cocktail reception.
  • Content Creators Celebration: This year’s Post|Production World Conference (P|PW) marks our 16th anniversary. As we are getting ready to celebrate this milestone, we would like to thank the thousands of attendees who have joined us over the years and helped us remain the largest post-production training event in the industry. The party will allow the community to celebrate as attendees can mix and mingle with sponsors, the Post Production World instructors, industry vendors, NAB Show staff, and your peers for an evening of networking. Party will feature an open bar, remarks from industry visionaries and unique raffle for prizes. Party pass is included only if you purchased a full Post|Production World Pass. Otherwise, cost to attend is $65.
  • Orange Lot Beer Garden: Fresh air, fresh beer and fresh perspectives. Escape the show floor for a drink, bite and casual collaboration.
  • The Faster Together Stage by LumaForge: Bringing the post production community together through presentations from some of the top editors, colorists and VFX artists in the industry.


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