April 22 - 27, 2017 | Exhibits April 24 - 27 Las Vegas Convention Center




Filmmaking and The M.E.T. Effect℠

Storytelling in a digital age.

Filmmaking has championed some of the most breakthrough technologies in visual arts, from virtual reality, hi-def 3D, and CGI to the use of digital cameras, drones and mobile phones. The future of filmmaking is full of opportunity with the explosion of online platforms, software advancements and evolving the art of storytelling. 

Join the Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Designers, Technicians and Editors pushing the limits of what's possible, and transcending once fictional innovations that are now real-world tools in media and entertainment.

From the Floor to the Session Rooms, explore this year's offerings below.

Attractions and Pavilions

Spotlight Sessions

In this session you will learn strategies to successfully plan, design, and execute your own independent film or production crowdfunding campaign. Filmmaker Kelley Slagle leads you through best practices, shares practical advice and personal insights, and highlights success stories that will help you to meet your crowdfunding goals, whether you use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another platform. Topics include reaching your audience before the campaign even starts, making a campaign budget, designing a campaign video and visuals, choosing and creating rewards, and following through after your campaign ends.

What software, product or technologies will be used in this session?

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Slated, Seed&Spark

What concrete lessons or skills will attendees take away from this session?

  • Choose a platform and goal
  • Make a campaign budget
  • Design a campaign's video and visuals
  • Choose and create rewards
  • Follow through after the campaign ends

Which Professionals will benefit most from attending your session?

Directors & Producers

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Lasers in cinema, quantum dots in the home: with this evolving technology, how can we possibly maintain consistent imagery? With hundreds of display and projection capabilities in the market today, and more coming soon, what is being done to compensate for these differences? In this session we will dive into the future of display and projection technology to see what excitement and challenges await us.

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IMF, or Interoperable Master Format, has come a long way since its inception in a studio conference room nearly a decade ago. A spec, something resembling a standard, but is it really? This presentation and fireside chat between industry colleagues involved from the beginning will revolve around where the industry finds itself in relation to the format, how far we've come, and recent testing designed to make IMF the standard it promises to be.

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Stereo audio in cinema was demonstrated in the mid-1930's and a variety of stereo and multi-channel formats were utilized beginning in the 1950's, although most movies were released with a mono soundtrack. Dolby Stereo debuted in 1975, followed 17 years later by Dolby Digital 5.1. When Digital Cinema launched in the early 2000's it utilized a discrete 5.1 mix. Several years later 7.1 was added as a format, and in 2012 Dolby Atmos immersive audio began to be deployed in cinemas around the world. Barco AuroMax and DTS:X have entered the market as alternative immersive audio solutions. How do audio mixers create content that serves this diverse exhibition environment and what does the future hold?

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Light field, volumetric capture, computational photography and generative imaging have the potential to transform image making for all forms of content, including feature films, TV, video games, VR, MR and AR. Already, they are contributing to the blurring lines between live action and computer-generated imaging, and between what takes place in preproduction, production and post. What is science behind these new technologies and how do they work? What are their current limitations and promise? Who is actually using them now, and for what kinds of projects? How might they alter not only how we create images for scripts, but also the foundation of image authorship? Glimpse what NAB's Central and South Hall could look like in a five to ten years…

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Programs of Interest

Go behind the scenes with the creatives and crew responsible for today’s most innovative and popular feature films, TV series and OTT experiences.  Learn how they elicited nuanced performances, choreographed complex shots, accomplished intricate face replacements and balanced scores with dense sound effects.  Hear how they applied the latest technologies to solve workflow challenges, and understand the questions they are asking to reinvent storytelling for new platforms. Learn More